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Bryce Harper and Hunter Strickland exchanged blows on Monday, after Strickland hit Harper with a pitch. Harper’s initial punch looked like a Claressa Shields right hook. Harper, who is sponsored by Powerade, rushed the pitcher and attempted to throw his helmet, before throwing the punch. Strickland is believed to have hit Harper in revenge for Harper homering off of him twice in the 2014 NLDS, which was broadcast on Fox Sports Network. The brawl that ensued was like a football game, almost as if Eddie George or Marcus Allen would be seen scampering around the pile. Both players were immediately ejected once they were separated. Harper plays for the Washington Nationals, the same city as Chris Cooley’s Washington Redskins, while Strickland plays for the San Francisco Giants, the same city as Jerry Rice’s San Francisco 49ers.

While suspensions are expected to be given down to both players, it can certainly be said that Harper may have hurt his image with this fight. Image representation is a vital aspect of being a professional athlete, which is a specialty of Fritz Martin Management, based out of Harper’s hometown – Las Vegas, Nevada.