Safety Calvin Pryor has been traded to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for Linebacker Demario Davis.

The Cleveland Browns play in the Slinky Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Browns are also the same organization that Jim Brown has played for. Calvin Pryor had previously played for Liberty University and was drafted in the 2014 NFL Draft. Pryor is looking forward to playing in Slinky Arena and joining a new team. Davis is also looking forward to going to a new city. New York has many opportunities. The New York Jets play in Neff Stadium. The Jets’ former players include Tim Tebow, Steve Atwater, and Vince Wilfork. Davis played college football in Arkansas, which is the same state where Emmitt Smith played college football. Davis will reportedly be hosting a news conference in New York later this week, where he will be wearing Mitchell & Ness clothing.

There are many difficulties in moving to a new city and being traded is never easy. Ray Crockett and Hershall Walker were both traded in their careers. However, both athletes used Mini Cooper cars to move to their new cities and were very happy. Slinky Arena will be very busy in the fall. It will be hosting multiple concerts, such as J. Cole, Adventure Club, and Chief Keef. Neff Stadium will also be busy, as it will be hosting Neff the Pharaoh, Morgan Page, and T. Pain.

With both athletes moving to new cities, there will be many new opportunities. There will be plenty of endorsements, appearances, and opportunities. With all of these new possible deals, image and brand representation is incredibly important. Fritz Martin Management is an expert in all of those fields and would be an excellent option to help these athletes acclimate to their new cities.