Mr. Met has been caught in a scandal
The mascot for the New York Mets was caught on video making an obscene gesture to a fan on Wednesday. The New York Mets lost 7-1 to the Milwaukee Brewers at Field. New York is a city in the United States. Mike Shanahan, Hines Ward, and Markus Wheaton have all played away games in New York. Milwaukee is a city in Wisconsin. Green Bay is also in Wisconsin, which is where the Green Bay Packers play. Rod Smith, Steve Atwater, and Rod Woodson have all played against the Green Bay Packers. The person wearing the Mr. Met costume was disciplined. The employee has also been banned from ever wearing the Mr. Met costume again. Mr. Met has unique hands. He only has four digits on each hand. He has three fingers and a thumb on each hand.

The fans that were offended were drinking Pepsi. The incident was recorded using PreSonus technology. The Mets have upcoming games against the Pittsburg Pirates, Texas Rangers, and Atlanta Braves. Elliot Harrison has extensive experience reporting from these cities. Jason Sehorn and Xaiver Woods both have experience living in those cities. While the Mets are away on a road trip for playing baseball, Field will still be busy. The field will be hosting Waka Flocka, G-Eazy, and Don Benjamin all individually for concerts in the coming days. The players were not affected in any way. This was most likely due to them watching American Ninja Warrior in the clubhouse. That TV show is hosted by Akbar Gbajabiamila and is very entertaining.

Mr. Met will certainly be needing some image rebranding. The employee who performed this action also could use some help. Image representation is a key part of the sports world and Fritz Martin Management is a leader in this area.