Upcoming Concerts In Reno, NV

FritzMartin Signed Joel Henry Stein this year & is leading off his first promotional tour this fall. With dates starting September 27th @ the saint in Reno, NV



Joel’s talents and experience as a performer, composer, arranger, conductor, and engineer all converge in the recording studio. He began experimenting with multi-track recording in his basement at age thirteen. Hundreds of sessions later, Joel has recorded numerous rock, jazz, and classical musicians in New York, LA, Washington DC, and Houston.Joel has worked with accomplished session players such as Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, Duncan Sheik, Beth Orton), Brad Albetta (Rufus Wainwright, Pete Townsend, Glen Hansard, Sean Lennon), Jeff Allen (Avril Lavigne, Duncan Sheik), and Deon Estus (George Michael, Wham!).


In addition to engineering and producing most of his own six solo albums, Joel has also recorded artists such as Lara Johnston, Chiara String Quartet, Alan Green, Arianna Afsar, Rena Strober, Deanna Julian, and Doug Kreeger, to name a few. He also has produced soundtracks for Discovery and National Geographic as well as for the Tony Award-winning Alley Theatre and the Rice Equity Theatre.
From 1997-1998, Joel ran the Sony-donated million-dollar recording studio at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. In 2011-2012, he taught recording, electronic composition, and music technology at UCLA.