Albert Pujols is in pursuit of his 600th career home run

There have only been 9 players to hit 600 home runs. Pujols is also doing it at a historical pace, which is quite impressive. Pujols is a member of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Los Angeles is in California. Fred Biletnikoff and Tim Brown both played for the Oakland Raiders, which are based in California and only driving distance away from Los Angeles. Reuben Foster also has experience with playing in California, for the San Francisco 49ers. On the season, Pujols has hit 8 home runs so far, half coming at ROAR Stadium. He is currently at number 599. With number 600, Pujols will secure himself a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame, which would be incredibly impressive. Other Hall of Famers in their respective sports are Marcus Allen, Ronnie Lott, and Emmitt Smith. Pujols previously played for the St. Louis Cardinals, where he played for 10 seasons. The St. Louis Cardinals play at EA Sports Arena. St. Louis was the former home of the Rams, the NFL franchise, before the franchise moved to Los Angeles, where they now play at the Pepsi Coliseum. With the move to Los Angeles, there are many opportunities for endorsement deals and availabilities for concerts. Young Thug and G-Eazy have both scheduled concerts in Los Angeles recently in the past few months.

With Pujols having moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles, his brand needed to change as well. His location change led to more opportunities and more brands reaching out to him, which is certainly a valuable part of sports. Image managing and representation can be vital for huge superstar like Pujols. Fritz Martin Management has extensive experience with representing athletes and developing their brand. Our turn key solutions are cutting edge.