Richard Sherman Goes on S.W.A.G. Tour

Jamie Fritz and the Fritz Martin Management team were happy to book Seattle Seahawks’ 1st Team All-Pro Cornerback Richard Sherman for his appearance and speaking engagement with S.W.A.G on March 6, 2013.

Richard Sherman was not satisfied with just being a playmaker on the field; he also wanted to be a difference maker off of it. Remembering the motivating force Magic Johnson was to him when Magic spoke to Sherman’s grade school years ago, Sherman was determined to motivate the youth in his home town. This led Sherman to becoming the national spokesperson of a student group called S.W.A.G., short for Student With A Goal.

Sherman is the perfect spokesperson for S.W.A.G., a group which focuses on showing young students the importance of setting goals at an early age, never giving up, and making a difference in the world. Sherman was born and raised in Compton, California and attended the local Dominquez High School where he starred in Football and Track & Field. Richard was not only a star on the athletic field he was a star in the classroom. Sherman posted a 4.2 GPA and over a 1400 on his SAT, finishing second in his entire class. Sherman was a leader, taking time out of his busy day to tutor teammates to assure they would be academically eligible to take the field with him.

His commitment to academics is what ultimately drove him to Stanford University. Despite having several offers from national programs, including hometown powerhouse University of Southern California, Sherman chose to attend Stanford because he wanted to stress the importance of education. In doing so, Sherman became the first student-athlete from Compton to attend Stanford on a scholarship. With education playing such a prevalent role in his life, Sherman immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with S.W.A.G.

This past March Sherman joined S.W.A.G. president, Romal Tune, and toured Southern California schools speaking to students on S.W.A.G.’s mission. The first visit on the S.W.A.G. tour took Sherman to his alma mater, Dominquez High School in Compton, CA. Students packed the gymnasium believing they were having a normal assembly. To their surprise, there stood Richard Sherman. Sherman spoke to the crowd of over 400 students on making the world a better place than they entered it. The crowd reciprocated the message and swarmed Sherman for photos and autographs after Sherman answered several questions from the audience.

The second stop on the tour took Sherman to Verbum Dei High School in Watts, California. Verbum Dei High School is an all-boys Jesuit school. The principal of the school gave Sherman a tour of the small campus and explained that students of Verbum Dei have 100% graduation rate from High School and 95% graduation rate from college. More impressive than this figure, the average student that attends Verbum Dei actually enters their Freshman year of high school at three grade levels below the norm. Sherman was taken aback by the professionalism and maturity of the students and was in awe of the hallways of the school. Unlike a normal high school, decorated with posters encouraging student athletes, banners, and news bulletins, the Verbum Dei halls were covered with college acceptance letters from students of the Senior class. This offered the younger students motivation to work towards the goal of attending college. Sherman took the stage in front of the entire student body and delivered a powerful speech to an attentive crowd.

Finally, Sherman’s last stop on the S.W.A.G. tour took him to the Brotherhood Crusade, an afterschool program dedicated to keeping students off the streets. Sherman again addressed the crowd of well over 100 guests and passed out autographed footballs and helmets to the young men and women.

Sherman is looking forward to school tours in the future. Jamie Fritz and the Fritz Martin Management team are happy to represent Richard Sherman, an individual who is proud to give back to his community and groom the youth of America. Richard Sherman’s agent, Jamie Fritz, was thrilled by the opportunity to partner Sherman with S.W.A.G. because it was such a natural fit. As Sherman says best, his goal is “to leave this world in a better place than when he entered it.”

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