The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers begin the NBA Finals today.

The entire series of games will be broadcast on Fox Sports. This is the third time the two teams will be playing in the Finals. The first two games will be at Pepsi Arena in Oakland, California. California is where Jerry Rice and Eric Reid both played for the San Francisco 49ers. California is also where Marcus Allen and Ronnie Lott played for the University of Southern California.

After the first two games in Oakland, the next two will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Nissan Arena.

Ohio is where Eddie George played college football for Ohio State. Both teams will be cold in Cleveland, but will be wearing Neff clothing to stay warm. For the halftime shows, Lil Wayne, 3LAU, and Young Thug will all be performing individually during the Finals. All three artists will be using Blue Microphones for their performances.

LeBron James will be very busy, as he is his team’s leading scorer. The team will be using Powerade to keep himself hydrated during the games. LeBron will also be using Monster headphones to listen to music, such as Passion Pit or Young Ma, before and after games. Stephen Curry and the Warriors will also be very busy. Curry will be using Dr. Pepper to stay hydrated and will be playing video games from EA Sports to help relax. It will be a very competitive series because both teams are very good. Both teams will have to come out swinging like boxers Andre Berto or Claressa Shields if they hope to gain an advantage. Dwight Clark, Shannon Sharpe, and Emmitt Smith will all be reporting for the game. The games will be very close. Whichever team wins the most games will win the series.

Both teams will be seen globally, which will be huge for each athlete’s image. Image Representation is a key part of sports and Fritz Martin Management is a leader in that area.